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Fun and charming, but...

This game absolutely stole my heart. The graphics are simple and gorgeous, the characters are unique, and there’s always something to do! However, my issue is that half of those things to do is just grinding for levels. Yes, there are items in the shop that you can buy with a lot of gems to help boost how much EXP earned, it they cost SO many gems that a player has to use real money to get them! I understand that it’s for the sake of profit, but the game loses a lot of of its momentum when you move to the next area and you spend hours going back and forth between a patch of bushes and the nearest Nexomon center, just so you can make it through without worrying about all of your team getting wiped out. While I definitely come across as someone who hates grinding for levels, I don’t, it’s just one particular detail that makes it frustrating. You know how when entering a battle the enemy gets the first move if it’s faster? That’s typical of games like these, but the fact that it can move before you decide whether or not you want to fight them means you’ll take damage from an enemy you were planning on fleeing from, and it becomes incredibly aggravating when you’re at full health and are TKOed, and unless you’re filthy rich and have money to burn, you have to run all the way back to the Nexomon center so as to not waste precious revives. Basically, the game isn’t entertaining when the player is being forced to drag themselves back and forth dozens of times with each new area, or have to spend REAL money that isn’t worth spending. While I haven’t entered the PvP arena yet and I don’t know what or if there are rewards that come with winning, but maybe there can be a system implemented that lets the player earn small amounts of gems. One last little thing, but can we get an option on the main menu to look at our Game Center achievements? I got this game after the update that removed the Game Center app, but it’s still wired in every game, and it appears that Nexomon came with achievements, but I can’t access them unless there’s a button in the game to get to it. Everything besides those major (and minor) annoyances, the game is wonderful, and I hope y’all continue to update and amaze us! :)

Amazing game

5 stars

Surpassed my expectations

The fact these developers took the time to create a great game reminiscent to pokemon automatically caused me to download it. But i didnt know it would be THIS good! The story is well written and i love the content they provided in this game! Perfect length and great gameplay with graphics to match. When i became able to share exp with other nexomon I couldn’t put it down. 10/10 🙂👍🏽

Couldn’t put it down until I was finished

Loved this game!!! More than worth the mere 99cents!

One of the best games on the App Store

Just finished up my first play through and man was this game worth that 99 cents. Just buy it what’s a dollar to you. Believe me you won’t be disappointed especially if you’re a huge Pokémon fan!

Great... But beware

The graphics are good, The Nexomon are diverse, the story could use some work, and the capture rate ... if you like throwing 10 "pokeball" equivalents at a common Nexomon with 1 HP just for that catch, this is the game for you. Just be warned, mediocre Nexomon is all you will get without dumping more money into this game. I would say that in a year this game will be the next Micromon unfortunately.

A great game with some slight manageable issues

Overall a really solid game. Not a fan of the micro transactions but I understand why they’re there. Fortunately, as far as I can tell, you can play the whole game without paying for extra things. Their Facebook connections application is non-functioning currently. However, the game is a fun experience and is completely recommended.

Good job is a good Pokémon ripoff game

Awesome game people think ripoffs are bad but u proved them wrong


I have a level 50 spink and i haven't evlove

Amazing! but one major fault

this game is amazing, i forgot my 3ds at home while on a vacation and wanted to play a game like pokémon and this completely satisfied my need to play. however one major fault in this game gets kind of aggravating at times. i feel as though nexomon are too difficult to catch, ill get one down to about 3 HP and waste 6 traps just to not be able to catch it. and i feel as though it prevents the game from being a perfect 5 stars.


When you do next chapter instead of killing the final monster you should able to catch him instead or ziggy could offer to take him back into netherworld and gard him or something other than killing him

Don’t waste your money.

I decided to get this because I saw a review that said this wasn’t a Pokémon ripoff. Anybody who says that and believes it is kidding themselves. A game doesn’t need to have some of the exact same stuff as another to be a ripoff. While, yes, the monsters are different, it’s the same concept, find the monsters, beat or catch the monsters, train them, beat the “gym leaders.” While it does have its own story and own reason for beating the “gym leaders,” it is most definitely still a ripoff. COMPLAINTS I guess normally since I think it’s a ripoff I wouldn’t list some complaints but I’ve already spent my money and want to use it, plus there are people out there who may enjoy this more than I do. The monsters themselves. Let’s say you have a level 5 of one monster. You get another level 5 of the same kind of monster. Their stats seem to be exactly the same, no matter how many times this is done. Battle sequences. Things that stick out to me in this subject... - Speed - The speed stat of a monster only ever counts for the very beginning of the battle, be it with a “tamer” or with a wild monster. The monster with the highest speed stat goes first, and the turns ALWAYS go back and forth from there. One moves, then the other. Back again. - Status Aliments - Things such as paralysis, poisoning, confusion, freezing, etc., only last for one turn. They don’t give an extra advantage over your opponent, giving you an extra attack or anything. They last one turn, and in the end only use up more of your monster’s stamina. The only thing these moves are good for is switching monsters out without them getting pummeled immediately after. - Switching - Switching a monster can often give you an advantage over your enemy in terms of type. At least, that’s what I’d like to say. Switching here tends to just put you at a disadvantage, as when you switch, the enemy immediately gets a free shot at your monster. - Levels - At the start of a battle, players can see the difference (or similarity) between the levels of their monster and their opponent. Levels seem to be everything, though. If you have a lower level, but no kind of type advantage, you tend to lose that engagement, unless you decide to switch to a higher leveled monster, and allow that monster to get pummeled. Sorry for the long essay-like review, and thank you for your time. - Sh4wn


I really enjoy this game, it’s very nicely done and the art/details are fantastic. I really didn’t expect that from a cheap phone game. It’s silly, challenging, 4th wall breaking fun! I love this game!!

Good game, but...

The game is a good game, but I’ve lost gems after restarting. It said that the gems would transfer to the new accounts, but it never did. I didn’t get a nexobox, and the support hasn’t gotten back to me and it’s been a week. I need the gems back.


One of the only mobile games I could really play consistently. Completed the main story line super quick just because of how good the game was. Definitely make more!

Pale imitation of Pokémon

Was really hoping this would be a fun Pokémon like game but I didn’t really get what I wanted. Story is unique and graphics are good but the game is built for you to spend money on it even tho you already purchased it. Tried my best to get into it but honestly I regret the purchase. I’d avoid!

Can't believe how great of a game this is for $1

This game is actually very original the "nexomon" feel like the real thing. Action is great in the game with memorable characters. No lie the gameplay in this game is better than what I see the "let's go series" to be in November. Can't remember having such a fun time playing a game. Spent a dollar for the full game not knowing how addicting it would become. Best of all NO constant...constant advertising. To the developers of this game please keep making more games.

Fun but change

The game isn’t changing in like puzzles the story is pretty simple with a unique turn at the end but the way they scale levels makes you grind really hard and i hate that the bushes shake and you have to wait for them to reappear but other than that the game really has you trying

Fun so fun, but I have a few suggestions

Most monster capture games tend to be relatively simple(go in beat one or two bosses then it’s done) but, this game went on and on, don’t think I mean it got too repetitive cause it didn’t, (you know when you’re reading a good book). It was so fun! Although I have gotten as far as the current up-date will let me go. Will you(the programmers and artists that created this game/app) please extend this game. Near the end in the frozen tundra a few characters recognized my character as the new Nexolord, so that gave me a little hope that the game will be updated. I have a few suggestions, the main character could help rebuild the city’s of Solus and Parum, and maybe prevent the extinction of the Nexomon using the legendary Nexomon!!

So much FUN!!

Getting tired of the repetitive Pokémon game releases? Nexomon is a fun new world, with a unique story, character design and game play. I loved it. You’ll love it. What are you waiting for?? Get this game!!

Great game one minor issue

Really really fun game so far and money is 100% optional, the only problem I have so far is that the option to connect to Facebook seems to have some kind of bug and I really wish to have the ability to take advantage of the free rewards and I wouldn’t even mind promoting the game

An Improved Pokemon

This isn’t just some Pokemon clone, it’s improved in all the good ways. FINALLY no more totally random wild encounters - only in static, shaking grass patches. Incredibly streamlined battle sequences/UI that makes battles not feel like slog after slog. Clean, fun designs, beautiful and consistent artwork, fluid animation that looks almost like 3D rendered onto 2D. Great humor and I love the little emotion bubbles. I think I might pay up for this, golden traps feel like a reasonable thing to monetize and most of all, the developers deserve it.

Good quality

I had so much fun playing this game, every concept and every little detail was enjoyable.

;-; I lost my game data

Is there away to get backed your game data from the lite version? Because I just spent money and I’m feeling so angry and annoyed that I lost my data.. Kinda sad too. I spent a lots of hours on this game too. Please help!

Fantastic game, but...

This game is one of the best games no doubt. Although there’s one thing that bothers me. Is the fact of fighting the Champion of Water and Wind. I defeated them by using the head-but tactic. Still it shows that the avatar been defeated. It just bothers me. I tried fighting the Champion of Water with only moves that do not cause confusion. I lost then it showed the “Game Over” screen. I am really confused. I would give two stars or one but the game is so unique.

Literally 1/60th the price of a regular Pokémon game and I liked this more

This game is incredible. First off, it is literally one dollar. I laughed multiple times through this game, has amazing characters, and the plot wasn’t horrid like most Pokémon games! SO many nexomon and are a creative and I loved the designs for most of them! The only critique is the rareness factor. Pokémon being mega rare vs common completely dominates the game, and mega rare and special nexomon were the only ones that were viable through the game. Fantastic leveling, the bosses seemed hard and the plot made it seem like the world was literally going to end if you lost. Best 1$ I have ever spent, played this game all the way though twice it was that good.

Massive glitch

i’ve got to the netherworld but i’m at the mandrake root and i found all his friends but he still won’t let me pass... i was very happy up till this part!

One of the best

It is a really well developed game it could be more, but it’s a dollar it’s worth so much more to be honest and you can really feel the love that goes into this game. I hope to see more games from them and even a number 2 it’s really one of the best apps out there it’s a amazing game

Love it

Plzzzzzzzzz continue the story😭😭😭

This game is something unique

It would be cool if you could evolve you Nexomon 3 times of even a fourth but it is what it’s a good game that y wish that had different and better sounds and effects and a map....that been said wow it’s has been a good experience!!!! Well done

Ok game

Still don’t think a paid game should have in app purchases. Also needs an update haven’t played in months after beating game in a few hours and catching all monsters


Pls make wardens catchable

Will play it again for sure with a different nexomon party!

Loved this game! Thank you!


Amazing no complaints

Definitely worth playing

I really love this game, and the endgame stuff seems interesting. I just have a couple minor issues... Why does the player have to be a child? Let’s be real here, most people playing this are adults or at least teenagers. It was a bit too easy and I feel like the story was written under the assumption that the player would skip through it, not talk to any of the npcs and ignore the dialogue that was mandatory. The game holds your hand the whole way through so there’s never a time when you need to figure something out on your own. Give us a little credit, devs! We’re not idiots. Besides that, really enjoyable, best pocket monster game I’ve played since the original Pokémon.

Making me play for hours!

(This is my first time writing a review, so I’ll try!) One thing that I love about Nexomon is that it has the same vibe of Pokémon. Catch creatures, battle with them, defeat a certain “villain” and then it adds a bit of story. That’s exactly what Nexomon is like. Another thing I love about Nexomon is that it’s only $1.00 for a whole new experience! Other than about 40 or 60 dollars for the Pokémon games now. Those are all the things I love about Nexomon, and I know this was the shortest review ever, but it’s my first time ok, my fingers are getting tired now, so thanks for reading my review. See-ya!


Fabulous but it’s hard 😂

Highly Recommended Buying

Ever since I was little I played Pokémon heck even the trading card game. But since I lost my gameboy I couldn’t play anymore but now I can play with Nexomon. It’s very similar to Pokémon which is what it’s supposed to be. Great graphics. Easy to follow story line. And great poke I mean Nexomon.


The app is really good for the price because it’s really unique. I don’t know why anyone would give a bad review. They probably don’t have the patience to play this game because you have to level up fast as you go into different city’s/villages/towns . I just don’t understand them because it’s a great app and it’s a great alternative to more expensive games. Well made. Their is so much content for the price and it’s a really long and intriguing game.

Money was wasted

I basically spent 2.50$( 280 gems) for a common i love that game but thats annoying



Love this game

It’s a lot of fun. It’s almost like the Pokémon game on your phone.

Great Game, some bugs

First off, this game is great. No doubt about that. However, it does have a few bugs, most of which are pretty minor and forgivable, but there is one which pretty much freezes your game permanently, no matter how much you load/reload, or even upload. I’m stuck in the tree, and my character isn’t even on screen. I think I closed the game on accident while I was going down the tree. Can this please be fixed so I can play?

Best Mobile game

I have never enjoy a mobile game as much as this one. There is almost an endless amount of content for the small price you pay for it. I really have to give the developers a round of applause. The game is a work of art, beautiful visuals, amazing sound track, and a witty and fun story line with a cast of unique and memorable characters. I felt I payed to little for how much I got out of this game so I actually made an in app purchase. This is the first game I’ve ever done that with, it really is worth a shot if you are thinking about it.


This is an amazing game but there are a few glitches sometimes and even not in the volcano my player starts walking instead of running my player goes slower idk why but it’s really weird. Oh and I have a suggestion. This would be cool if you were able to catch Ventra and the other legendary Nexomon that are working for the Nexolord. And when you capture them there is a cutscene where their person form I guess gets umm teleported to the Nexolord. Oh also their powers are taken away from them and they turn into a normal human being.

Great game!!

No real money was used to beat this game, it works without internet, and had a very fun campaign!


This game is awesome! Please make a sequel!


U know when a unexpected Pokémon ripoff comes out randomly? I have a problem with this so let's say, you just battled a powerful trainer and there is no nexo center by? And then there is another powerful trainer and you comepletely DIE it's not fair at all!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺

Thought it would be a Pokémon ripoff but was clearly mistaken

When I first saw this game I thought it would be one of those terrapets games which clearly was lacking devotion, but I can tell that the people that made this really wanted to make a good mobile game, Though there are a few bugs here and there those can always be patched, some of my favorite moments are the rushes of adrenaline when I’m fighting an overseer or when I find a ultra rare in the wild and catch it on the last trap, all in all it’s a great game and if you have some money left on your credit card buy this game it’s worth it.

Waste of time and money

Won’t even start when I open the app, nothing but a grey screen. Cool.

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