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Beautiful game

I just finished Nexomon and on the way capturing all lengendaries, I don’t know why Nexomon make me so addicted to it, I play almost all the time, training and training, exploring and exploring. Now I will sit here waiting for Nexomon 2.


Its sooo awesomee!!! Finished the game but I want moree!!! 😭 Its just amazing!! Create maybe something like Pokemon, they have different versions. As long as it wont stop. Haha. But yea its a wonderful game! Finished within less than a week cos I just cant stop playing! I love Pokemon before and this is pretty much similar but cool graphics! but maybe next time create more games, equipments, things for the nexomons. Create more varieties to the shops etc. And one thing I dont like is then when we’re in a battle, when our opponent’s nexomon lose, the next one gets to attack first which is not fair! thats the only thing I dont like. Oh yeah and maybe add a map. I got lost sometimes in the forest 😆 thats all thanksss!!! MORE pleasee!!

Kinda regret buying it

Ok. So the second time I tried to catch one, I got it down to one point of health and it still took four nexotraps. It’s also hard to move. Other than that, I think this game is ok, but I’d rather play pokemon...

Da Best Game Ever

Da narrrrratar is cooool an da necksummon r vury youneek. Ged da game! GED IT NOOOOOOOOW! LolololololXD 👌🏻 ({-},{-})


I absolutely LOVE the game. I downloaded it like 1 year ago, and it has kept me occupied for quite a long time. The plot is interesting, and the way the characters speak really shapes their character! The design and graphics are AMAZING, and I would DEFINITELY recommend this to others. One problem: GLITCHES. one glitch I’ve encountered, is that sometimes after you use the “nexopad” at the top left corner, the premium shop icon and the nexobox icon would go to the center of the screen, and you can’t get rid of it for quite a while. Another glitch, is that sometimes when the plot is unfolding, there would be a fine line between the graphics that isn’t a big deal, but still a little annoying after a while. Also, there’s a really big giltch you need to watch out for. After the warp network opened, I went back to Ventra’s tree (or whatever it’s called) and I climbed all the way to the top. On my way back down though, I decided to save the game and go to the arena. I went for a casual match and I went up against some person, but the the whole screen just freezed. I was confused, so I logged out and deleted my history, and retried the game from the point I saved, and I was logged back to Ventra’s tree. I tried moving my character around, and then I realized that there was no character on the screen. So I deleted my history a couple more times, and even tried to load the game, which actually made it worse, because the character was gone, the screen had a sort-of thick black outlining around it, the premium shop icon and nexobox icon was back int the middle, and I couldn’t control anything. So that’s definitely something to watch out for! The problem still hasn’t been fixed, and I don’t know if this is just bad luck, or it happens to most people. I’ve tried saving and logging back into m history, so I don’t really know what happened. I’m giving 2 stars until I know what happened. PEACE!

Very Enjoyable

This is probably the best game for a phone I have played within the last 2 years, and the best handheld in over 4. Fun game and, with the exception of the two buttons that are always in the corners to buy things, worth the cash and then some spent on it.

Great Game! But..

This is 100% one of the best games on the AppStore. The gameplay is pretty smooth, the humor is absolutely amazing, the nostalgia is great, etc.. However, I’ve bought 2 Packs of 500 Diamonds that were both paid for, as I had money on my Apple account which has visibly decreased, so I HAVE been charged for both packs, but I haven’t gotten a single diamond. I have to use “Ask To Buy” which could potentially be the problem, because both times my request to buy the packs was approved, it would say “Transaction Failed!” or “Transaction Timed Out!” or whatever it said and I would still have the same amount of diamonds as before I bought the pack. If possible, I would like to get in touch with a Nexomon Support member somewhere other than Facebook, because I really need to get this sorted out and putting a link to your Facebook with no designated section or something for Support absolutely does not help. It’s an awesome game though, and all of the designs are so unique and really pleasing to look at. The move system is really cool and I believe this game is awesome and has so much potential to become an even bigger name.


I love the story. It’s quite adventurous. The game play is easy, and not a whole lot is wrong with the game. I found some spelling errors and game glitches, which I already sent in. I love that game references from Micromon. So if you played Micromon, you’ll understand and recognize a few things. I hope you guys plan to make even another game following this or just simply similar to this. But by all means, please no card games or candy crush play style. But thanks for a great game!


This is a complete rip off of Pokémon

Great replacement

Now Nintendo has been stengy as hell but this title is a great replacement great story great characters could have a bit more attacks but overall 11/10 💯 can’t wait for an updated story

Best Pokémon faker ever

This game is a beast it has so much cool “Nexomon” this is a game to not be competed with even if Nintendo sued the company I’m going to play it has a good story, cool monsters my favorite being bowfish and weird hair styles (jk) lol 300 monsters that’s more than the first gen of Pokémon which is red and blue

Greedy poke-clone

As a fan of the original Pokémon series, I was initially surprised by nexomon’s quality aesthetics and familiar gameplay mechanics. But after an hour or two, the novelty wore off and the frustratingly low rates of capturing rare or rarer monsters became apparent. Even at 5% health and afflicted with a status ailment (which only lasts one turn), I’d often have to throw 10+ nexotraps to possibly maybe catch one while watching the monster gradually knock out each of my monsters. It was a horrible gaming experience especially compared to the series this game heavily draws from. There’s no way I’d invest my money in Golden nexotraps so earlier into the game before I’ve barely had a chance to enjoy the gameplay. This clearly sets a trend of manipulating players to spend cash. Why did I even pay a dollar to start with? Any game that transparently gimps gameplay to pressure players into spending cash does not earn my support. I later learned that people have complained about this in the past. The developers have had plenty of opportunities to address this issue. They’ve neglected to make meaningful change. I’d advise all self-respecting gamers and/or people who value their money to stay away.

Hours of fun!

So, I saw this game and I had my doubts but this game is so worth .99 cents. This game is so much fun, it has a really fun story, that it brings a whole new level to adventure games. The game creators still need to add a few things like a map of where the Nexomon can be located and or add new types of Nexotraps. But as a whole the game is a gem, I recommend this to all my friends. And they said they love or like the game. This game still has a lot of room to grow. The creators are adding a new multiplayer option called “Arena” it is very fun and very competitive, but you can also do a casual match. Overall Nexomon is a fun adventure game that doesn’t require data during the main game.

Awesome game

I love the whole concept of the game. Although now that I’ve beaten the main campaign, all I can do is catch the legendaries. It would be nice to have more story, or a way to transfer the data in this game to your sequel. If you make one. Which I hope you do. I’m just left with nothing else to do.

Great game !

This is an amazing game once I started I couldn’t stop!


Really fun game just like Pokemon but on the iPhone

Greatest Game NA

I have never cared enough to write a review for any game, but Nexomon is probably the best game on the ios. The game has amazing art, great characters, funny jokes and a story that will make your jaw drop. If you have a couple dollars to spare, I wholeheartedly recommend you to purchase this game. 10/10. Props the developers of Nexomon. You guys did an outstanding job. I’m eagerly waiting for more content!


I throughly enjoyed this game. Well designed and fun to play, pretty much exactly like Pokémon games but simpler. I do wish it would’ve felt like the world was progressing as you did, I.E the dialogues change for villagers when you defeat an overseer and the building in Parum Town gets repaired and stuff like that, but no complaints otherwise. Great storyline, whoever wrote it should do anime. Fun battles, easy to understand. Great game. Definitely worth the money.

I do not have the words

This game is sooooo good it’s like Pokemon for the iPhone/ipad I always whanted Pokémon on a iPad and now that wish has came true. The story is so cool and the hole diamond thing is a amazing idea because you don’t have to pay for the diamonds if you don’t want to because you can find them. It’s a little laggy but if you where to put Pokémon sun and moon on a iPad it would have a little lag. One thing I think they can improve on is the “joystick” it’s not terrible but could be improved on which is kind of ruining the game but over all it it’s a great game. (Please make the joystick better PLEASE)

Bit of a grind

One of the better ‘Pokemon’ like games that I’ve played. Leveling for the monsters is a bit weird. Once you get to level 40 monsters with more powerful elements can beat monsters that are over 10 levels above them. The “final” boss battle is a bit frustrating to beat. Stock up on revive potions and wait for the boss to miss before attacking when you’re down to 2 monsters. Just keep reviving till an attack fails. Other than that save often and have fun.

Really awesome but one problem

The game is really fun and all but when the you beat the game you go to the nether world and there is one problem when you level your rebirth nexomon. When you level the nexomon when it is rebirth the data is not that accurate and not really different from before.

Oh My God

I am in absolute awe at this game. I’ve played through twice and this literally feels so nostalgic to when I used to play Pokémon on my game boy. Seriously, this is the best 2.99 I’ve ever spent!

Absolutely Spectacular

This game is revolutionary! It contains amazing graphics, an in-depth storyline, and is an overall for sure buy!

Love it! But one thing...

Before I got this game, I thought to myself, just another try hard Pokémon game. Boy, was I wrong. Eventually I got the game and I was brought into the world of Nexomon. I made it into the //SPOILER AND PROBLEM// Ghost town and I then made it to the maze in the graveyard. I would be in the maze for hours and I would even talk to the wisps repeatedly and I still wouldn’t get out. I would do what they said repeatedly and sometimes accidentally go to close to the bottom and get taken out of the maze. It would annoy me deeply and I was wondering how many times it would take me to get out of the maze the way the wisps told me??? //END OF SPOILER// Other than that one problem, I have had an amazing time on this game and I am surprised that not many people have got it yet. Thank you so much for making this game though!


This game is completely worth the dollar. Please try it out, it’s very fun

It so cool

This game is so cool and so fun. I really like it with all the new designs. But I have a problem how do I evolve all of Nexomon to the exp. It’s really hard to level up my nexomon


Hello my name is farmer bob. I used to pick wheat to support my family ahick. Now that this came out screw them. I have been playing nonstop for 72 hours. I lost my job, my family, and my wife. But at least i got this knock of of a game. If you play this you will lose everything for nothing except this garbage. I highly recommend.

Inventory item

Hi guys, I just purchased some diamonds to buy some Nexomon as beginner. And once I find one from the chest box and it asks if I would like to save it in my team or save it in the inventory. I choose to save it in the inventory. But once I finish chests. How and where I need to go to find the Nexomon I just got from the chest? Can I have some details? Thanks

Surprisingly good

A lot of people complain about exp but literally it’s not confusing. The Nexomon level fairly fast you just need to put in the work. I really like that this game doesn’t hold your hand every step of the way. Brings me back to Pokémon days when I was little. I’m really disappointed about the arena (pvp) beta mode. It always freezes on the screen that shows me vs opponent. It never works I’ve tried multiple times. The story mode is fantastic. Other than that I highly recommend its worth the $0.99. Would give it a 5 star rate but the arena doesn’t work so I’ll wait then I’ll update to 5 stars.

The best.

Better than pokemon. This game should be worth millions. Incredible. Period

Capturing weakened pokemon needs to be much easier

The gameplay, story, and visuals so far feel good. But capturing needs to be much easier when Nexomon are weakened. Watching trap after trap be wasted on low-hp low-level Nexomon at the start just feels discouraging.

Good game worth the money

I really enjoyed play the game. It got a little boring when all of my Nexomon evolved but when the next chapter came they restarted and it was fun to level them up again. Can’t wait to see how this game develops!

This game...OMG!

this game is so dang cute! If there's one thing I love this type do games! Also I'm thinking That you guys toke a little bit of Pokémon but you guys didn't just take the Pokémon and say yep we're done , You made a bunch of new stuff and That is so dang cool! The nexomon.. CUTENESS ATTACK!! I want to tame all of them! You guys did so well I believe your going to make a bunch of good games!

Almost Better Than Pokemon

This game is honestly amazing. The story is detailed and very dark, way more than Pokemon has been. I enjoyed that it doesn't have the fluffy overlay that Pokemon can have. The nexomon are well thought out and there is a large variety of them. This game is also much more difficult than I was expecting, I never felt like I could use just one nexomon to stomp through the whole game with. The one thing to be ready for is this game does not have the depth that Pokemon has when it comes to skill variances and attribute manipulation. Overall, best game I've played on a phone yet.

Love it

I don’t leave reviews often, but.. Having recently switched from an android to an iPhone, I no longer have emulators to play Pokémon. So stumbling across this game was amazing! I was skeptical at first, because come on.. Pokémon. But this game is shockingly similar and very fun to play. Very impressed

I love it

Great game, feels like I'm playing Pokemon for-sure. Just one problem, i purchased 4 golden nexotraps but never got the fifth one free... I hope theres another expansion coming soon too!!


Awesome, fantastic game and great fun :)

Bomb Diggity!

Awesome game! Best dollar spent! Like ever brah!

Ok game

Still don’t think a paid game should have in app purchases.

Great game

This game was one of the best role playing games I’ve ever played. The dialogue was great, and the story was put together greatly. I am eagerly waiting on the next one.

Fun Game

The reason I gave it a 4 and not a 5 was because I beat Ventra(which must not be what’s supposed to happen in the story line) and the story line said I got beat and Khan rescued me. TBilly1028 don’t need rescued!!!!

It will be better with a,

Bluetooth controller!


As a Pokémon fan ever since Gen 1 I could honestly say at this game a such a wonderful experience and a real breath of fresh air. This world of Nexomon is exiting in every way, discovering the Nexomon, the world, THE STORY! I wish more people could find this game and play it!

Amazing ☆

This game has some good graphics. The story line is awesome and absolutely better than Pokémon. Also I had to draw my favorite character,Spencer. I had to draw him as a regular kid other than his rich self. And at the chamber with Zetta. I LOVED that part. I had to draw him as a dog also.

Purchase problem

When I tried getting the pack of 2500 diamonds it didn’t go through even after I tried three more times


Well done. Would like to see more

Amazing game, especially traveling

This game, like other people have said, is really fun, but besides that it works in airplane mode. Definitely worth the $.99, it took me hours over the course of several days to beat and was enjoyable throughout.

Too much dialogue

I don't know if its because I'm sick but it is giving me a huge headache having to spam through dialogue after every new section (everytime you enter a new scene the robot sidekick has a bunch to say). I just want to play the game. In conclusion, I give the gameplay 4.5 stars but i'm knocking 1.5 stars off the overall for how annoying the robot and constant dialogue is. Sorry..

Just like Pokémon

I have been waiting for Pokémon red/blue/yellow to make a comeback on smartphones, but instead this game came up. I loved the gameplay and how similar it is to Pokémon. There are so many similarities to Pokémon, but enough differences for it to be it’s own game. Many hours of gameplay and definitely worth the price. I did put like $10 into the game to buy additional traps, but you really don’t need it.

Attacks are to strong

It would be a 5 Star but the attacks are WAY to strong makes it a little less fun. And the evolution doesn’t boost your stats. And only 2 types of “pokeballs” but other then that great game

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