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This game was fun and funny to play

False advertising

In game it says that if you start a new game you will get your purchased diamonds back. What it does not tell you is that you only get them back the first 2-3 times and then you are left with only the leftover diamonds if you had spent any. Any attempts afterwards to delete your game and start a new one result only in the same leftover diamonds showing up. I attempted to contact the developer through their Facebook page and have as of yet received no replies back. Will amend this review if and when I do hear from them.

5 stars

This game is awesome. I love the story and love everything they did with the moves and also leveling up in this game. Pokémon could copy a few things from here but this is really awesome for a game.

One word amazing!!

This is the best app for iOS it’s full of action comedy and mystery you’ll regret not buying this game

Multiplayer ARENA Doesn’t Work!!!!!

I’ve already installed the latest version, but every time I clicked on the “ARENA” button, it popped up an error msg “There is a Nexomon update available!”. Please FIX IT!!!! Edited: Issue seems fixed!

Great game

A lot longer than i thought and loads of fun as well!

Great game!

The story is good and the nexomon look amazing, my only problem is that it’s mechanics are exactly like micro on, I know this is supposed to be a sort of sequel to it, but nonetheless, i feel like the creators could’ve tried a few gimmicks that are different from other games of the same genre(they have one gimmick that’s different from the rest but that’s only for the post game, and I’d rather not spoil it for those who read the comments before buying it), point is, in order to make it stand out more than other monster catching games, they should try something that most game developers haven’t implicated, ( I’m mostly thinking ideas such as branched evolution paths, fusion, or armor, but to be fair that’s just me and it may be too hard to add those mechanics). I know it’s probably too late for the nexomon developers to add any more gimmicks, but I’m hoping that the developers read this and decide to add cool new gimmicks into their next game, ( it might not be called nexomon 2, but I’m pretty sure that they’ll make another monster catching game)

Love this game

I do hardly ever write reviews. But this game reminds me so much of a very updated Pokemon yellow. Love it. The only thing I’m not a fan of is that its so incredibly hard to get gems to buy stuff. I had several in the beginning but I purchased a pet which Kinda serves no purpose. And a few other thing I can’t remember but also regretted. Had I known I’d of gone with the wearables that add much more value to the gameplay. Now it seems the only say to get gems is to play and save the little you find in the game or, buy them with real money which is a huge turn off. I suggest more ways of getting more gems in game. Other than that AAA title for iOS that any fan of the genre will enjoy.

Good game

Fun for a bit, surprisingly long.

Good game

Waiting for update


Like the fact that I can catch legendary nexromon now finally wish I could catch final boss of game and tame him wish there was more intacting with the nexromon like feeding them petting them playing little games with them but other than that no complaints great game looking forward to next chapter


I got everything I wanted playing this game!! Love love and the ending i didn’t expect and is so good!! Waiting for nexomon 2!’

Great and fun game

If you like Pokémon, you will love this!

Blast from the past

What a great game. It plays similar to early stage pokemon games with so many quality of life improvements in my opinion. Nexomon do not forget their moves and you can choose which 4 moves to use at any time. Finding items feels good, mini “I spy” game. Fantastic story telling and cutscenes. Nothing hidden behind a paywall except a few things for convenience and even those can be earned through just playing, simply phenomenal. Definitely worth a play-through. Great job :)

Very fun! Small critique!

Enjoying the game so far, just have a small suggestion! To hide the top 2 buttons on the right side when traveling (the premium shop cat button, and the nexobox button to be exact) feels a bit odd when buying a game and it still having immersion breaking options like that in your face for the majority of the game. Would be perfect if those 2 buttons were in the nexopad instead. By no means do I mean to tell you how to design your game but it sure would make this game beyond perfect in my eyes. : )


I had played the game through the adventure invested money into it and couldn't wait for the new update of the story but my entire account is gone and I was left mid service after I was told that a compromise would occur


It was very simple yet intriguing and a whole lot of fun. Thanks guys and I hope we have the pleasure to see more in the future.

Fun adventure

A refreshing monster-collecting and battling RPG adventure. The storyline is enchanting and the characters are well designed and likable. The designs of the Nexomons are original and the animations are very smooth. The game isn’t P2W (pay to win) which is really nice. The extra purchase options will make the game easier, faster, or adds more customization options, but they’re not necessary at all to complete the game. The soundtrack is rather beautiful: relaxing at times and intense when appropriate. The creators and the team did a great job at developing this game and creating this universe. I only have a small issue with the game, and that is with the battle system. The statistics of the monsters isn’t well explained. Battling is very fluid for beginners to this genre of games, but could be very awkward for more advanced players. Most monsters don’t have very diverse strengths in stats with others of the same rarity level. Abilities/moves also don’t have an adequate description. You only know the energy costs for the moves, but the game doesn’t provide its Power or Accuracy. Also, status inflicting moves have a ridiculously low percent of landing. If the developers can change up the battling mechanics, this game would be perfect.

Philanthrope Idealist Brainwashing - Horrid Storyline 😾

TL;DR: Stay away from this sad excuse for a game -- don't waste $2.99 on this garbage. It is nothing but a tedious, soulless Pokémon ripoff with an abysmal, poorly-written storyline and extremely irritating "hero/friend" characters that force you to go along with their ludicrous Utopian human-worshipping pseudo-logic. You have no Free Will to make your own logical judgements and decisions. The developers are shallow-minded philanthropes. Just another Pay2Win mobile Pokémon knockoff complete with human-glorifying Utopian philosophy. Unless you are a flaming philanthrope, or a naive child, don't bother with this nonsense. You have been warned! --Complete Review-- I deleted this diseased game off my device last summer because of the extremely morally-restricted, poorly-written storyline. I refused to complete the story because it was truly moronic. You have no Free Will in this game! I don't care about saving humankind, and I was sick and tried of being dragged around on an invisible leash (downright manipulated) by that idiotic blabbering robot and that green-haired Mary Sue Steven-Hawking-wannabe chick. I hate them. There is just way too much emphasis on the awful cliché storyline ("save teh humanz!") rather than bonding with your Nexomon, and it is way overkill on the action, drama, violence, mean-spiritedness, and hand-holding. I could understand naive young children feeling empowered to "save the world" and be the so-called "hero" in their little fantasies when they play these games. But if you're a grown adult who grew up with the original Pokémon Red/Blue versions, this kind of harshly morally-restricted storyline we see in Nexomon and newer Pokémon games, where you are dragged around on an invisible leash and forced to go along with the so-called "good guys" (those naive pests who call themselves your "friends") without being able to make any choices yourself based on your own beliefs, you should be turned off by this kind of nonsensical, unrealistic philanthrope fantasy tale. I honestly don't know why these types of grossly overused and overrated "human-kid-saves-the-world" stories are so common in games (and all types of media), and still accepted and even enjoyed by most people. It's like children being brainwashed by some New World Order, Utopian philanthrope idealists. Nintendo did plenty of that, and I should have known better than to play Nexomon, seeing as Nexomon is clearly made by fans of Pokémon. But I gave Nexomon a try, because I was hoping with all my heart that it would be like the good old Gen 1-5 Pokémon games without any philanthrope brainwashing infused within the story. But it's just as bad as the horrid newfangled Pokémon games' storylines, with their disgusting philanthropic, Utopian themes. A former Pokémon fan (since the mid 90s), I quit Pokémon (and Nintendo) forever in 2013 after playing X/Y; it enraged and sickened me, because I wasn't able to make the choice to side with the TRUE hero of the game, who was unjustly and wrongly demonized and portrayed as the villain -- because he wished to put an end to human evil? (Nintendo is so stupid!) And after painfully suffering through Pokémon's gradual downfall, I am just so jaded when it comes to these saccharine, sappy, sickeningly philanthropic and utopian-idealist "save humankind!" themes in these types of games. I am admittedly a misanthrope; I dislike humankind. I have no interest in playing the role of some sort of Mary Sue/Chosen One/Superhero, and "saving humanity" miraculously from some kind of all-powerful doomsday force, and being forever adored by all. Nay to that claptrap. I say, bring on the Fire and Brimstone. 🔥 Just because Omnicron is a much more powerful and intelligent alien being who sought to take Earth away from humans, that does NOT automatically mean he and his Nexomon brood are "evil". That is an extremely shallow, childish way of looking at it. Just because a force opposes humankind doesn't automatically mean it is evil. Truly, humankind is inherently evil -- it's called Orignal Sin. In a broader point of view (something you might read in a well-written sci-fi novel), any super-intelligent and powerful alien life form who saw how sinful and destructive human beings are would likely try to eliminate humankind from Earth for the good of the universe. I'd much rather side with Omnicron and Zetta and do just that -- if that option was available in this sad excuse for a game… Heck, my 19-year-old senile cat could write a better story than the one in Nexomon! P.S. Zetta is the ONLY good thing in this game, and I REFUSE to be his enemy! This "game" was only worth the $2.99 for me because of Zetta. ⚡️Long live the brilliant Champion of Lightning!⚡️ And, to quote him, " Know your place, humans. " True words of wisdom! If you ask me, Zetta and Omnicron are the REAL heroes!

A decent knock-off

A few odd lines and story decisions. The type chart is never shown to you. UI could be a bit more friendly (doesn't show you what moves do or their typing). A little sluggish in loading screens. Micro transactions in a paid app. Through my second gym and have yet to get any more gems other than the initial hand out. Not great just eh.


Amazing game

The positive and negative.

Positive- this might be better than any Pokémon or Digimon in existence all the characters are fresh the story is serious yet has jokes to separate serious moments from the natural game. Negative- it’s a bit lagged but it’s tern bast so that evens out. My main concern is for how hard it is. If you have never played Pokémon you will probably find this difficult but that’s only because there is no handholding witch is good in my opinion.


really enjoying this game. if you guys could just clean up the ui a bit, i really think all the options for currency, lootboxes, your inventory, and all other menu options should be behind the pause menu to keep the screen more open during general play. also, if you could get the home bar to fade away after a bit on iphone x, i’m afraid it’s going to cause burn in if i play for too long.

Great game, but

The game is great. Has good polish. Some minor issue on iPhone X such as the evolution screen but nothing major. Humor is spot on and it actually has a great story. The feedback I have for the game would be that although it’s open world technically you can only really follow paths north, west, east or south. Then the next screen loads when you hit the edge. This really destroys the open world feel. I wish the camera would just pan with me in the center instead of just loading up a new screen. The battling is also lacks strategy. Maybe adding in items that nexomon could hold could customize them a bit more as well as expanded move sets. Otherwise anyone can have the same exact nexomon and know exactly what it can do. This is a great single player game but if pvp is ever to be a thing it needs a lot of work.


The game takes its time to load between two areas. The areas are small, all roughly the same size. Time could have been spent on making the transition between areas seamless, if not eliminating it entirely. However, if it were to be a single unbroken world, it would be all the more obvious that the game is small. The Nexomon themselves are beautiful and unique, but their movesets are both confusing to use (to begin with) and have a very small amount of animated diversity. Sounds and movements are repeated excessively. Having played the original Micromon (which was taken down & returned (without retaining previous purchases, so I can no longer play it without buying it again)) I have an appreciation for the overarching story continued here, which though simple I wholeheartedly enjoyed. I worry that other players who did not play the "preceding" title will miss out on some key aspects of the story.



Excellent Game

The story is quite engaging, and quite unique at that. It is a direct continuation from Micromon as well. To add on this time around it is much more generous where you can capture every Nexomon I believe. Which includes the legendaries. The postgame as well was very engaging. Excellently done. Now this game is worth a second play through, so a new game+ would be great, having your progress transferred for a better challenge, but I am aware that the devs will have technical issues with implementing such a thing, but it is possible nonetheless. Though if they cannot implement it, I understand. This game was done flawlessly well near flawless ya know being no new game+, but nonetheless flawless story wise and gameplay as well. Adding on towards the end of the main story and into post game the difficulty of the game went up quite a bit. It made the grind worth it and the result even better to continue the storyline. I just hope the storyline expands to finish Malk’s side of the story.

Nice start

Love it. It plays well and the idea behind the story’s great. Some critism: I feel the story’s a bit fast and at some times a little cringy. Also there’s a glitch after a while that has the next box icon come down in the middle of the screen and then when you try to reload to fix the problem the top and bottom of the screen goes black


Me gusto mucho ,ya estoy esperando a que saquen la segunda parte

A question

I love the game over all but my phone has a glitch sometimes where it doesn’t give me the purchase I bought, and i don’t have facebook and i am not allowed to use it. Is there any other customer service area me and others can use?

MFI support would be awesome!

Pretty please? (>人<;)

Extremely impressive

This game is basically a better version of Pokémon. Color me impressed..... and hooked.

Great!! Suggestions for Improvement...

The game is a great Pokémon-like adventure and I am thrilled with how the developers managed to squeeze such an experienced iPhone. I would love to see an update in the future that gives us a database of what each Nexomon sounds like, stats, and about the Nexomon, similar to how the Pokédex from Pokémon allows us to do this. Overall, well done!


I found this game when I searched for Pokémon, when I downloaded this, I thought “Oh another ripoff “ but this game is full of original content and amazing artwork! This is my favorite game on my phone and a must have for all those people who like adventure fantasy and getting to star as a kid and take down a huge criminal organization 🤣 I love this game and hope the creators make more😍😍😍

Immediate buy

amazing game 11/10 worth the money so much to do and see and so many wonderful design to explore

Great game, but really laggy....

I tried playing this game today. So far it feels like a pokemon game. Everything is going great except for the lagg. Between cut scenes, battles, and traveling between buildings or cities or paths in general, the game takes a while to load. If I go to the healing center I have to wait 10-15 seconds to get in and another 10-15 seconds on my way out. Same thing happens pretty much every battle, or change in path. If the lag and the loading time were fixed, I would really be able to play the game. Right now it's just too slow for me :((

I comment too much

So... third comment... in a row. It's just that this game is the best like I said three million times. It really brings up my anticipation. I lost the last boss battle 7 times. On my 8th time My Blizo, (who was at level 63 and mysteriously hadn't evolved until the last battle.) had 76 hp left. My heart was beating so much, but I finally beat Omnicron. I wasn't sure if Blizo even had an evolution at all, but then he evolved from Blizo, to Blizbro, to Blizloo. It was really cool. No game could surpass this game.

The Mobil equivalent of Pokémon uranium

With out being taken down

Amazing Game

All in all this game is amazing it one of the best Pokémon related mobile games that is actually fun,There is one problem though. That problem is the Diamonds in this game, If your a child like me your parents might not like in game purchases and it’s tough to get things like Exp. Share/Multiplier or Golden Nexotraps etc. Adding to that there is many obvious places for diamonds but instead you get coins or nexotraps. Something that could make the problem better is quests for Diamonds. I’m hoping you guys who made Nexomon reads this and understands.Have a great day Nexomon Fans!

Pay to win

It’s basically unplayable unless you pay to buy little extras that should already be free like the ability to run or the ability to share experience

Amazing Game

I spent hours on this and am still playing it. At first it looked like some Pokémon clone but... there’s a lot of love put into this game. The plot is amazing and the twists are insane! Plus 309 Nexomon to catch? This game is hours upon hours of fun. If your finger is hovering over the pay button please hit it! You won’t regret it.

Very pretty, but depth of a puddle

Do not buy this game if you’re looking for even the slightest gameplay depth. Honestly, it’s just sad to see so many basic features missing from an otherwise stellar-looking game. The art team did a fantastic job, but so many game design decisions leave me severely disappointed. In no particular order: 1. Pokémon (Nexomon) cannot carry items or be taught moves. 2. Pokémon do not have any abilities or stat variations. Once you catch one, you’re done. Further, even the stats themselves are simplified (there is only attack, no special attack) or even obsolete (speed has seemingly ZERO impact, as you always go first). 3. There are only 7 types of Pokémon: fire, water, grass, flying, electric, rock, and normal. Additionally, Pokémon can ONLY be one type. Why they decided to reduce everything to stale monotypes, and less types, is beyond me. 4. The movepool is shockingly small; basically, after you’ve trained up a fire type Pokémon, you will have seen the entire fire-movepool (and so on for the rest of the types). To make matters worse, every type movepool is basically the same (1 heal, 1 attack boost, 1 defense boost, 1 minor attack, 1 status attack, 1 major attack, and so on). Ergo, once you’ve reached level 60 with one Pokémon, you’ve essentially reached level 60 with every Pokémon as you’ve seen the entire movepool. 5. Minor but still grating, the story is unbearable. Now, I’m one of those people that thinks it’s silly to even expect a workable story from games like these (i.e. the story simply isn’t the focus for games like these, and that’s okay). That said, the one job the story should have is to NOT bring attention to itself (and how bad or unnecessary it is). To my great displeasure, this game cannot seem to go 10 minutes without 4th wall breaks and horrible “This isn’t a video game haha” dialogue. Regardless, the story itself is pathetic, along with the paper thin personalities of its characters (extra cringe at the depiction of “tribal savages” who are PoC). 6. The UI is clunky with the entire right corner of the screen blocked by their Store and Lootbox icons. I could go on and on, but honestly it’s late and I’m just impressed with how disappointed I am over a $3 purchase.

I thought this was a call of duty game



I've been playing this game for six or more months and it's made me laugh and feel great. This game is totally worth it in every prospective.

Great game

The BEST mobile game I’ve played, especially since I loved Pokémon growing up and this does a feat job of being like that, but it’s own game as well

Best Team Game

This is so much fun to play on phone, closest we’ll ever get to real Pokémon as an app~


It’s a great game don’t get me wrong but the first game had a speed based combat system that was very unique and this game doesn’t have it so it’s just less exciting then the first

Really Good Game

Gameplay is okay but it has Amazing Story.

Great music

I just bought this for the music by CactusBear.

Good game, Good Length

I was quite surprised. Good story line, good game overall. Really fun to play. Thanks for all your hard work.

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