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In game experiences

Love the game but as you level up and go deeper into some areas the Nexomon should get stronger more nexomon battles would be great

A beautiful shell of a game with no complexity underneath

While the art, animation, and overall production value is impressive, the mechanics are dumbed down and entirely without complexity. In fact, the game is even simpler than the first generation of Pokémon games. Status effects last exactly one turn, there is almost no variety is move mechanics and the items are limited to anti-status effect, healing, and traps. I was incredibly disappointed in this game although it cost me next to nothing.

Worth buying!!!

Very good game. Took me about 24 hours to finish!! I just couldn't put my phone down!! Amazing graphics and a great story line!


Best game

Pokémon Clone

You want to play Pokémon on mobile? Play Nexomon (though I think you can play actual Pokémon too). Pros: -Feels like Pokémon -Some wit/humor in dialogue -Beautiful game (for mobile) -Generally pretty fun Cons: -Somewhat poor combat design (ex: status effects only last one turn, so status effect moves are only useful for capturing, items that remove effects are useless) -Evolution means nothing -In app purchases (grrr) -Rules a little slow -Somewhat lack of information (ex: moves don't tell damage, just say "powerful" or "reliable") Neutral: -Just as addictive as Pokémon Overall: If you have Pokémon, play Pokémon. If you don't, try this out.

Really Incredible Game!

Ok, Lemme just say right now, I absolutely love this game. I don't know if you will make any more Nexomon, but if you do, ill be even happier! Its a great game similar to Pokemon, and its incredible! The artwork, the sprites, and of course, the Nexomon! The Nexomon are animated beautifully, and they have extremely creative designs too! So memorable and fantastic~! The only reason why I wont give 5 stars- The Arena and Sprite Customization, also as far as I know, you cannot name your Nexomon? I would love to name them, and with the sprite customization, for the character sprite dlc menu, its just a few for the overseers, it would be fun if you could put some normal NPCs in there, since normally I like to make My character look like me, and I know others do too, like naming your Nexomon, it makes you have a personal connection with the game. Its nice. Lastly, the arena. You cant play it because of the Game Center closing and because of it, alot of things aren't able because of the game center, and sadly it effected this game too. Maybe you can make it so it dosent use the game center but your google account? I'm not sure, but it just wants me to play it more when I cant play it. Besides that, I'm not far in the game, but I hope there is a breeding system where its 2 of them and it can make a version of the parent or a totally new nexomon? That was in the Gameplay of Crystal Monsters and I feel like it could fit this game very well too! If its not already in it of course :3 Keep up the good work! Love the game guys!


I had played the game through the adventure invested money into it and couldn't wait for the new update of the story but my entire account is gone and I don't understand why my Game Center was what usually kept my data at all times now my account is lost


Entertaining and a time passer, game needs a map and almost every Nexomon have similar stats and moves. Gave it 3 stars because I had to pay to play this game. I hope there are updates in the future and better items. Good game overall for its price.

Great game!

This has been a wonderful game. I love the fact that patience and good eyes help give you an edge. I saved all the gems I kept finding and used them to buy gold traps when I found mega rare and special Nexomon. Types play a big role as well, you can lay the smack down on much tougher nexomon just by using the effective attacks. Time to go trapping until the next update! Thanks devs for a fantastic game, my son kept checking in to see the amazingly well drawn nexomon. Happy trapping! 😬


$2.99 is a steal and this is the best pokemon knock-off game you will find o the app store. That being said, Nexomon has a few tricks up its sleeve to differentiate itself such as the amazing plot which goes way beyond simply beating all the gym leaders and becoming pokemon master.

Best app ever

This app had me really stuck on its rich content. It’s filled with mystery and the graphics always seem to Wow you . Can’t wait for the next update !! Highly recommend playing if your a Digimon or Pokémon lover (:

Updated: small improvements

First off this game is amazing. Artwork is great, nexomon character design is fantastic. Battles are perfect. After playing for a while there's a few things that can be improved from a player's observation. Hopefully this is constructive criticism: 1.) After defeating a Nexomon in trainer battle, the next opponent's Nexomon immediately comes out with an attack. There should be an option to change Nexomon after each Nexomon defeat. Like if I defeat a Nexomon with 4 health left, the next opponent's Nexomon comes out and downs mine immediately, I don't even have the option to change Nexomon or choose an attack option. 2.) Walking into buildings. Why do I have to click "a" to walk into a building? It should be fluid and allow me to walk right into a building with no clicking involved. The exact same way it is to walk right out of a building. 3.) Fast travel. There should be a fast travel option that Pokemon utilizes well. I like how I can avoid wild Nexomon by seeing the moving grass but I don't want to walk all the way back to town just to heal. 4.) View skills damage. I have no idea which skill deals what kind of damage. Any type of damage number indicater would help deciding which to choose. (By the way, I absolutely love the option to freely change out skills. Bravo!) 5.) So far I notice"effects" don't really matter. I stockpiled the anti-burn, freeze, etc. But noticed that any type of in battle effect only last one turn. So that renders each potion useless as it uses one turn, but you're cured the next turn anyways. Just food for thought. 6.) A map. There's so much dialogue I sometimes click too fast and have no idea what to do/where to go. I walk around in circles. It would be nice to have a quick map to see where to go, where I have/haven't been.

Super fun great graphics

Great game for micromon and Pokémon fans I had a great time playing it was fun 😉🐘


Hope there’s more to come! I’m not ready to be done with this game!


it's freaking greatness


By far, the best monster catching game on the App Store. Really good graphics, gameplay and overall well balanced mechanics. Devs update this game regularly and are very active on their social media sites. Can’t wait to get more from this company!


What the heck this is literally the best game like Pokémon EVER! WHAT THE HECK! This game is AWESOME! Me and Jeetah, my top nexomon, have crushed many overseers and trained ever since the beginning. I remember when Velokitti first evolved into Acca, then I trained Acca in Ignitia (is that how you spell it?) to evolve it. I... love.. lloovvee... LLLOOOVVVEEE THIS GAME! I so recommend this game! (Hey and I even purchased gems on there so you can add stuff on the game with the money you got) Taylor_PTLM OUT!

Didn't get what I bought

I bought some gems and I got those but when I bought the lightning pet but I didn't get it and now I can't buy it again. But it's still a good game

Good but short

Super easy game, after beating game not much to do though. Ready for more content

They get the details

4 star as app for me on a few occasions plays 2 soundtracks simultaneously. Pace is fast enough, finding monsters are easy, dialogue is decent, music is diverse enough, battles are quick easy, good UI. They improve on a proven formula and give it steroids.

amazing game

This game nearly beats all the Pokémon games created in the last 2-3 years. From the character and level designs to the plot and everything else put into the game this game continued to surprise me with how good it was. And excited and looking forward to the updates in the future!


Can't wait for the update for the new story

Just Wow.

This was probably the best mobile game i've ever played. The graphics, animation, and story were all so great as i expected. Really Great Job i'm Astonished!

Loved the game, but.

This game was great. My problem with it was that for the entire game I had to keep the game music off because for some reason every time a new theme would play (battle theme, or town background music) the songs would play on top of each other instead of one stopping and another playing. So by the end of the game I had five or more songs playing on top of each other. It was actually terrible. Otherwise I loved the game and will be awaiting updates!

Fun as hell

I spent hours playing this and never got tired

I love this game!

Comedy, adventure, great graphics, awesome nexomon, I purchased this game 3 days ago and I’ve played 26hours! Somehow, one of my favorite games, can’t wait for the update.

online battles

this game is amazing, wish there was more than just one of each elements for the higher rarity nexomon though. as well you can play with friends within the testing

WHERES THE SAU-oh there it is


Great monster RPG

One of the best pokemon-like games I have played. Great story, great art, lots of monsters to collect. Its more straightforward than pokemon (fewer puzzles, pretty linear, smaller game) but is a lot of fun.


I have to soon as I opened this game after buying it, I was in love. I thought I’d have to spend crazy amounts to get monsters but in all honestly as long as you’re not taken over by the “collect them all”-bug you’ll be fine. I’ve only spent a dollar so far and it wasn’t a waste. I plan on maxing out the three Nexomon I have so far before I spend for another, unless I can catch something with my regular nexo traps 🤗


Game was awesome not hard to beat and easy to play without having to spent money! Needles to say I loved it brought me back to childhood! Thanks for the awesome game and hope for new updates!

Awesome, but.....

Could you please add an option for a static joystick? I’m one of those people that have a very hard time with how it is currently.


Super fun and addicting!

Change the controls!

I wish this had a permanent dpad on the screen like in Asdivine Cross instead of having to slide my thumb to move the character. Also having to double tap during dialogue is a bit annoying.

Best game ever

Thanks to all group who made this game it was so fun to play it Hope some cool updates coming soon to add extra fun to the game Really thanks

Great game for Pokémon fans

One of the most fun I’ve had so far, I don’t usually pay for games but I’m so glad that I did. I even spent an extra 10$ to help support the developers. I hope more and more contents will be added because this is probably one of the best Pokémon type of games I’ve played. I’ve played a lot of Pokémon games and ROM hacks but this is truly one that stood out for me. Pros: Beautiful art High quality animation Great music Great character designs Decent story and dialogue Cool looking Nexomons Cons: Movement controls are off Need more content Need more features (flying,surfing) Narrator voice acting is bad Needs more complexity to the Nexomons (friendship, happiness, Nexomon walking with you, etc.)

Games Great

Game is sooo fun.Cant wait for next story.I winder if there’s gonna be a surprise update for micromon

Great game but


Much better

Micromon was awesome , and this is just perfect , the story is simple and nice and the gameplay is just awesome , keep up the great work and the updates ❤️ much love.


Charged me for $18.97 wth!

Voice acting

I just want to say that a full retail Pokémon game doesn’t even offer this. To be greeted by voice acting, at this price point, I’m already very impressed with the title.

Honestly good.

Nexomon is heavily influenced by Pokemon without being constrained by being Pokemon. The story is well written, the mechanics are solid and the jokes are timeless. Overall this game is a steal for $3. Battles are typically more offensively oriented then defensive. Experience share should be an item in the game and not just a purchasable item. The micro-transactions although commonplace these days are somewhat in bad taste for a premium game.

Love It!

This game is amazing! I can’t wait for more!!

Nexomon review

Wonderful game! Best game of its kind on the App Store by far! Looking forward to game update

Plz do one thing

Every time I'm in the nexo tower to fight all the children and don't get me wrong I freaking love the game so much but just when I defeat the children on the omicron the child that battle kills all of my nexomon and then I have defeat all of them once more!!!! Which is really bugging me!!😭😭😭

Amazing game!🤗

Since the game came out, I have absolutely loved playing this game! It is probably one of my most frequently used apps! Every update has been getting better and better!😁 But...the last update for iPad screen isn't working out very well. Please try and change that.

Great game

It is so similar to Pokémon, which is why I love it!! That being said, it pretty much fixed a bunch of flaws that the Pokémon games had. It is extremely addicting so before you start make sure you have some time! Great game!

Philanthrope Idealist Brainwashing - Horrid Storyline 😾

I deleted this diseased game off my device because of the extremely morally-restricted, poorly-written storyline. You have no Free Will in this game! I don't care about saving humankind, and I was sick and tried of being dragged around on an invisible leash by that moronic blabbering robot and that green-haired Steven-Hawking-wannabe chick. I hate them. There is just way too much emphasis on the awful cliché storyline ("save teh humanz!") rather than bonding with your Nexomon, and it is way overkill on the action, drama, violence, mean-spiritedness, and hand-holding. I could understand naive young children feeling empowered to "save the world" and be the so-called "hero" in their little fantasies when they play these games. But if you're a grown adult who grew up with the original Pokémon Red/Blue versions, this kind of harshly morally-restricted storyline we see in Nexomon and newer Pokémon games, where you are dragged around on an invisible leash and forced to go along with the so-called "good guys" (those naive pests who call themselves your "friends") without being able to make any choices yourself based on your own beliefs, you should be turned off by this kind of nonsensical, unrealistic philanthrope fantasy tale. I honestly don't know why these types of grossly overused and overrated "human-kid-saves-the-world" stories are so common in games (and all types of media), and still accepted and even enjoyed by most people. It's like children being brainwashed by some New World Order, Utopian philanthrope idealists. Nintendo did plenty of that, and I should have known better than to play Nexomon, seeing as Nexomon is clearly made by fans of Pokémon. But I gave Nexomon a try, because I was hoping with all my heart that it would be like the good old Gen 1-5 Pokémon games without any philanthrope brainwashing infused within the story. But it's just as bad as the horrid newfangled Pokémon games' storylines, with their disgusting philanthropic, Utopian themes. A former Pokémon fan (since the mid 90s), I quit Pokémon (and Nintendo) forever in 2013 after playing X/Y; it enraged and sickened me, because I wasn't able to make the choice to side with the TRUE hero of the game, who was unjustly and wrongly demonized and portrayed as the villain -- because he wished to put an end to human evil? (Nintendo is so stupid!) And after painfully suffering through Pokémon's gradual downfall, I am just so jaded when it comes to these saccharine, sappy, sickeningly philanthropic and utopian-idealist "save humankind!" themes in these types of games. I am admittedly a misanthrope; I dislike humankind. I have no interest in playing the role of some sort of Mary Sue/Chosen One/Superhero, and "saving humanity" miraculously from some kind of all-powerful doomsday force, and being forever adored by all. Nay to that claptrap. I say, bring on the Fire and Brimstone. 🔥 Just because Omnicron is a much more powerful and intelligent alien being who sought to take Earth away from humans, that does NOT automatically mean he and his Nexomon brood are "evil". That is an extremely shallow, childish way of looking at it. Just because a force opposes humankind doesn't automatically mean it is evil. Truly, humankind is inherently evil -- it's called Orignal Sin. In a broader point of view (something you might read in a well-written sci-fi novel), any super-intelligent and powerful alien life form who saw how sinful and destructive human beings are would likely try to eliminate humankind from Earth for the good of the universe. I'd much rather side with Omnicron and Zetta and do just that -- if that option was available in this sad excuse for a game… TL;DR: The developers are shallow-minded philanthropes, and this game is a tedious, soulless Pokémon ripoff. To heck with Nexomon. Just another Pay2Win mobile Pokémon knockoff complete with human-glorifying Utopian philosophy. Unless you are a flaming philanthrope, don't bother with this nonsense. P.S. Zetta is the ONLY good thing in this game, and I REFUSE to be his enemy! This "game" was only worth the $2.99 for me because of Zetta. ⚡️Long live the brilliant Champion of Lightning!⚡️ And, to quote him, " Know your place, humans. "

Great story Better than Pokémon

Playing through Micromon then Nexomon it was really worth it. What a great experience with amazing monsters ,characters ,world design, and really a witty charming adventure can't wait for what ever may be next! ❤️😎


Walking in, i thought this game was going to be a very weak portrayal of the pokemon genre, but i was surprised when i found out how well made Nexomon is. The nexomon are vast, although there are only 7 types (fire, water, rock, air, electric, leaf, and normal), the nexomon world is a wonderful thing in itself. Really great story and it is a good lenght. 100% reccomend playing whether or not your a fam of the pokemon genre.

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