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Better than Pokémon

This game was beautiful and had a awesome story. The dialogue was way better than Pokémon

For the woofers

Good game. 20 hours including post game content. I rate for woofers. GG.

Awesome Game

Love the game keep up the good work! Also when is their going to be another expansion or the full version of the arena?

Didn’t refund in game purchase

So, this is my first review... ever... of anything. Game is super fun, and I actually agree it’s like Pokémon but a little more modern and edgy. Gameplay is good and what not. I wanted to start over and deleted my save file, but before I did it stated that my “in game purchases would be refunded”.. however they were not. I spent 5 dollars on diamonds which were not refunded, neither that OR the item I purchased with the diamonds was refunded into my save file. For that reason, the devs needs to either refund my money, diamonds or the item itself. Fun game, just beware of using more than the .99 to install the game.

Amazing game with fantastic music & story!

Just beat the main game and I have to say, it’s a fantastic game! The story is interesting and captivating. I love all the little touches. And the music...! I’ll say one thing, I’d definitely but the music soundtrack.

This game is amazing

From the humor to the actual battle mechanics- this game is seriously fun. At first I was skeptical because I hold the original Pokemon games very close to my heart, but not even 5 minutes into this game and I was sold. The creators put a lot of time and effort into this and you can tell. The story was actually really good and the gameplay was flawless. I’m glad I stumbled upon this awesome game. Worth the money, easily.

Charged me more then 99 cents

I bought the app for 99 cents like it said and you charged me $5.38 for this app and I would like for you to refund me the extra money you took out of my account thank you

In app purchases and it lags

I'm going to give it another shot


I’ve beat the game in only a few days with the help of the exp share (one of the greatest things in the game) and I loved every bit of it. I expected it to just end the game then and there with the ending, but was pleasantly surprised that there was a lot more after the ending! I really love this game and my underdog Reemus who single-handedly defeated the main boss all on his own! 😄

I NEVER write reviews

When I saw this, I thought just a Pokémon knock off until about 30 minutes in, I was hooked!! Felt like I was on my game boy playing. The nostalgia was amazing and the storyline was extremely unique! Amazing time playing this, logged about 15 hours in-game! A little hint for people stuck at some of the hard bosses, use a confusion spell ;)

Amazing Best on the App Store

If you’ve downloaded the fake Pokémon games trying to relive that nostalgia look no further this is 1000% BETTER THAN ANYTHING ELSE. I love this game so much and I’ve only played for 2 hours and have 3 mega rares already!

Great Game for Pokemon Fans

If you like Pokémon you should like this game, it’s similar but very different which is good in my opinion, graphics, story all Good and for a great price a definite must play for IOS Gamers and Pokémon Fans alike. P.S Nexomon2 in the future 👀👀

Great game!!

I felt this game was extremely well executed. The simple controls and graphics brought me back to my game boy days. This was a very refreshing break from the trend of graphics over story and gameplay. The story was immersive and witty as well as being linear and quite enjoyable. I want to thank the people who developed the game and say keep up the good work! I look forward to more titles from yal in the future!


Exactly what I wanted for mobile, almost like Pokémon but original and not to far off the gameplay style. I would love to see more updates and additions to the game. Keep up the good work! The only thing i think could use a change is having a town map and being able to see where Nexomon appear in the wild. How are we supposed to know where to find them once we’ve past a certain point? Overall though amazing game and a job well done.

I’m confused

It is not allowing me to download the game and I have enough storage. ;(;(;(;(;(;(

Great game

I didn’t think I would enjoy the game as much as I did since I bought it on the fact that I was annoyed with emulators being revoked so often and to be honest this game was a lot of fun

Exp is crap

Can y’all please do something about the exp. Like when you battle a Nexomon trainer when you kill one it should give you the xp then and there it sûcks when tryna level your mons up bc whoever knocks the last one out get xp and it’s so little. Also if you fight wild ones and if you have some dead it gives little exp I think there needs to be a change. I’d rate 5 stars. I’ve also spent money like near $20 soon to be more. I’m about to fight the last battle. I’d like to see what y’all have planned for this great game. (Just don’t like the exp setup) like for example with no mons dead at this area xp around 400 with one mon dead it gives around 200.

Great game

I wish you woulda made the game a lot longer I beat it in 2 days


this game is the best like I said three million times. It really brings up my anticipation. I lost the last boss battle 7 times. On my 8th time My Blizo, (who was at level 63 and mysteriously hadn't evolved until the last battle.) had 76 hp left. My heart was beating so much, but I finally beat Omnicron. I wasn't sure if Blizo even had an evolution at all, but then he evolved from Blizo, to Blizbro, to Blizloo. It was really cool. No game could surpass this game.P.s. Make an anime, or animated series, or manga, OR ALL OF THE ABOVE.If you do do that, make sure to make blizo have a spotlight.(sorry, he's my favorite.) MY THOUGHTS ON FUTURE UPDATES: It would be really cool if you could interact with your nexomon though,and play with it. It would also be cool if you made something like a dungeon specifically for leveling up your nexomon, but you can't catch any other nexomon there. I also think there should be a two Player mode, so that you can play with someone together, and have two Nexomon fighting one opponent at the same time.There are some nexomon types I also want incuded like: phantom, blizzard, mystic, fighting (so Ivan's nexomon can actually fit his roll.), and light. That's all right now. Please stay awesome!!


I fell in love with this game for it’s intriguing storyline, blend of uniquely diverse characters, and enjoyable sense of humor. One of my all time favorite gaming experiences on an iOS device by far. Thanks to the creators, you guys are awesome.

Like the game but

Really would be nice to have the option to click on what your currently supposed to be doing. I’ve been wandering around for the past hour trying to figure it out.

Best $0.99 I ever spent

Hours of fun and entertainment. Good way to get your Pokémon fix. Awesome new creatures to catch. Just an all around good job on this app.

Too Many Questions

Although this game holds promise, some things clearly hold it back. First and foremost, what do evolutions do other than change the name and appearance of the Nexomon?! Base stats remain the same, as confirmed by the in game database. No moves seem to change either. This completely ruins the point of evolutions, which is a key element in a Pokémon style game. Secondly, even if evolving would seem to do anything, most of the Nexomon you find in the wild are already past their evolution levels, making it very difficult (impossible?) to evolve to their final forms. The maps are nice and varied, but the towns seem pretty dead. No side quests or anything of that sort. Not a lot of trainers to battle along the way. The experience points gained by each Nexomon are a mystery. If one of your guys takes out 2 of theirs, but faints during the 3rd battle, does he get any xp?? It’s questions like these that litter the game with no explanation. I even tried googling to no avail. The story is somewhat compelling at least, and I do like the different rarity’s of the Nexomon. The game does just lack in key areas across the board.

Awesome Game!

It’s interesting and the story is great! I wish to find more games like this ❤️

Best Pokémon substitute.

I’ve tried a lot of Pokémon like games and I must say this was the best of the best on both platforms (meaning android and IOS yes I use both). The story is awesome the game play is awesome I kinda hate the way the nexotrap capture rate lowers as the rarity goes up with no higher grade traps available unless you pay for the gold traps; Pokémon at least had different balls for rarer Pokémon available (great ball, gs ball, ultra ball.. etc.)

Well translation..

I finished game and there is translating patch at march Who translated? Really weird like google Translator.. really disappointed for korean And chinese subject, object’s order and sequence are mess and dirty you guys should pay professional for translator I really disappointed Sincerely to developers

Something nostalgic, something new

An amazing throwback to early Pokémon rpgs, while adding an immersive (as well as PG) story to the game. The best part is that nearly all Nexomon are available to catch for free, save for a small handful of legendaries. Otherwise the big baddie himself, as well as the rest of the legendaries are available to catch without money. I bought the exp share and the exp multiplier for convenience sake. The game is grindy without these, but that’s completely up to you. Glad to see quality Pokémon clones on the App Store, considering how ridiculously protective Nintendo is of their IP.

Love the game

I can’t understand why people keep going on how this game is “like Pokémon” there is many games like many other games that why games are great more game equal more entertainment with different stories. That being said I loved this game I need more of it!

More than a Pokémon look a like.

At first I was skeptical but once I played through I actually really enjoyed the new aspects and ideas it brought to rpg monster fighters. I also really loved the references to Pokémon and the 4th wall breakers!

Great Game.

Pokemon with a twist. Loved it.


beaten the game and loved it all the way through


This is an absolutely fantastic game. Everything about it is perfect. Top games I’ve ever played. Excellent job to the authors

A truly lovely RPG

I had my brother recommend this game to me and boy was I glad that he did. I can safely say buying the full version is definitely worth it especially since it's a low price but reguardless is a wonderful game from start to end and I will continue to enjoy the game even after I beat the main story (unless if there is more if the main story I missed somehow)

Love it But...

I really love this game it’s really fun to play the only reason I only rated it 4 is because it’s takes forever to lvl Up your Exomon I have a party of lvl 7 and up except one that is lvl 3 And I use him mostly to lvl it up and it just takes forever but if that wasn’t the problem I’d rated it 5 Stars

Great game!!

Being a huge fan and follower of the Pokémon franchise, this game to me does seem a lot like Pokémon, but it has its own unique development that will just bring you in and want to play more. I wish the cost of things could have been cheaper and leveling up a bit easier, but it’s still fun to play. I haven’t played the four newest Pokémon games (Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon) due to not owning a 3DS or 2DS, so this game brings memories of the other Pokémon games.

Fun fun but

Fun but not long enough ..

Awesome game

The game is really awesome it’s more like Pokémon but different but still nothing can’t top Pokémon it’s my favorite game and my childhood life forever

Fun game but needs some fixing

There should be a quest log or something to tell you the town you go next. You should be able to switch monsters after each enemy dies not giving them a free hit when they died and switch out. Options to sell unused items like anti- sleep, poison etc... otherwise this is a good memory reminded me of pokemon.

Dont call it a second hand pokemon

It has been some years since I last played pokemon games and was feeling nostalgic. After downloading and playing a few rpgs on my phone, I stumbled upon this game. Honestly, I was not immediately impressed, but the more I played the funner it became. The soundtrack for this game is well made and changes depending on the environment. Some of the nexomon look a little funky but for the most part there is a great deal of work that was put into the designs and art. You can tell the creators had a blast making the game because despite having an amazing story line, it doesn't take itself too seriously. Often the characters make jabs at the game itself. To call it a secondhand version of pokemon would be doing this game a disservice. It adds a unique blend of nostalgia and innovation to truly make itself stand out. 5/5

An original spin from Pokémon???

This game is pretty much perfect. It has a lot of Pokémon elements but the story is 100% original. And I must admit, this game had me laughing most of the way through. Atlas and co. are hilarious and kept me wanting to pursue more story. For any Pokémon fans wondering if this is a good investment, it is. It really is. Enjoy. ☺️


I usually don’t make reviews on any mobile game but this here was the exception they gameplay and the masterfully crafted story made it better than a lot of console games but in all I just want to say I really loved this game and I can’t wait for the sequel that was teased at the end and before you roll out the sequel can you please give us a couple more updates to the game to make it even better?

An amazing game!

It has the feeling of the originals Pokémon, plus it has his unique sort of things. I love the way the Nexomons evolves, and they are beautiful and unique. Definitely one of the best games ever created for mobile!

Absolutely Incredible

I’ve been waiting for a legit Pokémon clone on iOS for so many years now. Not only does Nexomon satisfy that desire, but turns out to be one of the best games I have ever played on iPhone. The combat is fun, there are hundreds of Nexomon creatures to capture, and the story and the writing is leaps and bounds better than any Pokémon game published my Nintendo. Anyone who loves Pokémon will thoroughly enjoy Nexomon.

Amazing game

This is a great game and it is so addicting and fun and it’s only 99 cents for about 20 hours of gameplay. The only gripe I have was there was a lot of grinding so that took awhile but if you just pay another 99 cents for more diamonds, you could get the exp share which helps a lot when grinding

One of the best RPGs

This was easily one of my favorite RPG games on iOS. Hours of fun, plays exactly like the old Pokémon games. But I might have enjoyed the story even more. 5 stars all the way, hope to see a sequel in the future!


Wish it would let me back up my data, just got a new phone and the app won’t let me back up my data to the could..

Amazing game!

First I would like to say this game is really good, and I have completed the game but there is some issues that I have found. First: the EXP multiplier and EXP Share are literally the same item, they do the same thing. Second: Catch rates, they are terrible. I can catch mega rates first try, but commons will take 15+ times. And does HP affect the catch rate? Another example is the legendary sill get them low in health and put them to sleep but it takes 100+ boxes(The catch things) Third: The status(confusion, bound, etc.) are pretty redundant as it only lasts two turns excluding damaging statuses(confusion, poison) Lastly: the water animations are really pixelated, just something I noticed while playing. Overall this is a fantastic game, I loved the story, and the rebirth system. Thank you for making a awesome game and reading my review.

Stupid bug

This game is really fun and all but at the beginning when you get a golden Nexomon that’s GUARANTEED rare or higher and I get a common out of... That’s why I rated 4 stars Plz fix this because it was guaranteed it lied to me other than that though it’s a great game

So Familiar and yet so Unique!!!

It’s so refreshing to find a phone game that you can play for hours at a time without the restriction of waiting for an energy bar to recharge! While it does have similarities to Pokemon, it does a fantastic job of separating itself from the classic game. The story telling is simply amazing and the humor is fantastic! There are in game purchases, but none of them are necessary to completely enjoy the game on it’s own! I love the designs for the characters, Nexomon, and the world! It’s a beautiful game and I would have honestly paid $20-$30 to play it! So worth the buy! c:

Wow....Way Better Than I Expected

This game is very close to Pokemon without compromising its integrity. I really enjoyed the story and plot. I wish the champions would have used their nexomon before fighting them in their legendary forms. Other than that, I really enjoyed this. Great job developers!!!!

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