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Absolutely can’t wait for the second version

Absolutely beautiful the story was incredible I literally played 23 hours straight and beat the game in 5 days beautiful graphics and awesome memories don’t debate downloading this fantastic game

Had lots of fun

Surprised at how well it kept me intrigued


This game is fun, but it sucked up my money! I wasted TEN BUCKS to buy diamonds, and it gave me NOTHING! It wont give me my money, no many how many times I save and liad my game, and how many times I reset my phone. The transaction went through, but no diamonds showed up. PLEASE FIX!!!!! Edit: The developers of the game are super nice and fixed the bug, as well as rewarding my diamonds back. I love the art style and gameplay. At first I thought it was some Pokémon rip off, but now I see that it is a very exciting and unique game of its own. I would definately reccomend this to others.

Not going to play nexomon 2

Great game but looks like they are going to create Nexomon 2 and not let you carry your previous games content so for anyone who spent money just lost the worth of it. So definitely should get money back then. Hopefully they just update the original game and keep everyone around


Greatest game ever and excellent storyline

Great game

Very reminiscent of Pokémon but has its own flavor

9/10 would recommend to a friend 🤙🏼

The only thing I'd like as a change is to make all the options at the top(Nexopad, inventory, daimonds, etc) as one menu button, Besides that everything's amazing 💯

Very fun and great game 👍🏼

It’s one of the best games I’ve played, just one problem though. Whenever I try to like or share the game on Facebook for rewards I get this message “App Not Setup: This app is still in development mode, and you don't have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions.” Am I too late?


I couldn’t put this game away at all! You did an excellent job! Thank you!

Very Good!

This game is way too well-developed to be considered a bad Pokémon clone. The characters’ designs are all interesting, the art is phenomenal, and the music is amazing! The story is also able to be dark while still being humorous at times, and I love that. Fantastic work!

Great fun!

A lot of fun and very reminiscent of Pokémon. However, it lacks a lot of the complexities of Pokémon. It’s too easy to level up Nexomon, and the limited effects of status attacks meant that I didn’t need strategy. I 1-hit-KO’d my whole way through the game.


Worth the money, very well and put together story line that reels you in, not a cash grab which is refreshing. Good battle mechanics overall 10/10

Awesome game!

So I finished this game within 18 hours. Loved every minute of it but I saw some issues: 1) the “anti” stuff seems really pointless to me. I liked the idea of them because they were not all in the Pokémon game and it was nice that they were in this fan made game but because you get rid of your effect(affect? I don’t know) after one turn there seems to be no use for them. If it was that you can use them and then still have your turn, that would be better because then they will seem more valuable in the game. 2)when it came to my bag, I had a lot of items and noticed that the scroll bar was off to the right of it container, I have pictures of that if you wish to see it. 3) same with the level up letters, there were to the far left from the Nexomon so I could tell who leveled up until after I pressed the next button. 4)you cant catch the legendary Nexomon, I mean I get that they are needed for the story but the option should still be there but it could be one of those cases where it was reflected off or they smacked it out of the way. That’s all I saw within my 18 hours but over all I liked the game and I would suggest it to anyone who likes to play fan made games. Looking forward to more to come (if there is any)


Where’s part 2???

Very very surprising

I just finished the battle with omnicron and it was very surprising that deena was a Nexomon I say it’s pretty good for the dollar

Great Story

Favorite mobile game

Wrong price?

I decided to pick this up for myself and girlfriend as it was listed for a limited time at 0.99. I was charged once, but for 9.99

Great game


Amazing game!! Must have for Pokémon fans

Nexomon is an amazing Pokemon-like game with hours of fun. The storyline is awesome, which you really don’t see in mobile games too often. The storyline continues from the game Micromon, ( no spoilers but if you played micromon you will immediately notice some returning and re-skinned characters) which is also an amazing game. Overall, nexomon is hours of fun with an Amazing storyline and all Pokemon fans will love this game due to its familiar gameplay. 5 stars, would recommend to literally anyone

This game IS better than Pokémon

Nexomon may be first viewed as a “Pokémon ripoff” by many. And that is a quite understandable point of view! The mechanics are essentially the same. You are a tamer, on an adventure, capturing and training “nexomon” along your way. It indeed does have many, many similarities to Pokémon. However, there are differences which set this game apart and in my opinion, make it better. The graphics are top notch for this type of game. The developers paid close attention to detail. The characters are actually quite hilarious, breaking the 4th wall is common in this game. They are very aware that they are “inside of a video game” and that makes for some pretty funny moments. My favorite in particular is when you find an item (potion, elixir, etc.) your character spins around and it says along the screen “you have found a..” , at several points in the game other characters make comments such as “why did you spin like that?..” to which your accomplice replies “don’t mention it”. Hard to explain this, but it’s comical. Speaking of your accomplice, you are accompanied throughout the game by your companion “Atlas” who does all the talking for you. I did find this kind of weird, but it makes for some communication opportunities and jokes that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. The story line is very well thought out, and smoothly progresses throughout the entire game. Everything from the beginning ties in to the end nicely. There are a number of nexomon in the wild, close to 400, and they are all well named except for a few. Leveling up is rewarding (up to level 50) as you gain new skills and abilities as you progress. However, after level 50 the only benefit from level increase is stat boosts. I would love to see more abilities unlocked past level 50, as you are capable of reaching a level of 99! It would add to the experience greatly for players coming after me. The fighting mechanics are great! However, the effects of poison/confuse/paralyze/etc. only last for one turn. So buying Anti-‘s is pointless. I would change the effects to lasting two turns myself, or remove the Anti-‘s all together. Although I could say much more about this wonderful game, my review is getting quite long so I will wrap this up. If you’re looking for a great nostalgic game that will bring you back to your childhood this is it! If you are looking for a game that you don’t have to spend countless dollars on to succeed, this is it. The $1 to buy it is WELL worth it. I’ve gotten 10 hours of playtime out of it so far and I’m still not quite complete. The designers were not creating this out of greed like so many other apps on the store, and it is quite obvious. Buy this game, and I can assure anyone reading this review that you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. For less than the price of a bottled Coca-Cola you will get a seemingly endless amount of rewarding playtime out of a game that was very well designed. Thank you so much to the developers for creating this masterpiece, and I hope to see more games come from you. I will definitely be keeping an eye out, because you guys have impressed me beyond belief.


I freaking love this game kudos to all who made this game AWESOME


I didn’t know there were iOS games that required you to manually save your progress. I quit a few hours in because my progress deleted. Terrible! They don’t even warn you! $1 isn’t a lot to pay for a game, but if I pay for a game I expect it to NOT have in-game purchases. There is a consistent niggling lag throughout the game. When you click on things they take just a second longer than expected. Not the end of the world, but not great.

Closest thing to the GBA Pokémon games

I love this game. It has the closest gameplay setup to the Pokémon gameboy advanced games that I’ve found so far in my opinion, and I’ve played a lot.. haha. You’re also not forced to pay the .99¢, which is totally worth it btw.

100% worth it

I rarely write reviews for apps, but this one deserved it. The combat mechanics are slightly different and simplified compared to other monster games you might know, but the art is quite nice and the story is Very good. Trust me when I say that, while you might be able to predict some things, others will come completely out of nowhere. Not saying there aren’t things I wouldn’t change (status effects like poison and sleep need to last longer), but for the price it absolutely deserves 5 stars

Tons of Fun

If this came to Nintendo Switch that would the amazing. I love this game that much


The catch rate in this game is atrocious. Most of your ‘mon die and you end up using 15-20 traps on one Nexomon. Makes moving through the game difficult and monotonous

Restore systems

I love this game and I know all the time a effort that went into making it but when playing i spent about $10 in game on gems but then when I beat the game I restarted and there was no way to get my gems back. So if at all possible could the creators in the next update add a restore purchase feature it would make the game a lot more enjoyable for people that are replaying a already spent money.

Loved it

Awesome game need a sequel or similar games from u guys please

Addicting and hours and hours of fun

This is a great idea and concept that has been executed incredibly. This game has its own original story and I love the concept of overseers and nexolords. I hope this game keeps thriving, please keep updating this game..... Its AWESOME!


I hate the cutscenes they are so long and they are wverywhere

99.99% super good

I really had much fun in this game. It made me remember a lot of my childhood memories. The story line, figures and nexomons look super good. The only bad thing I experienced is that the cloud storage is unavailable, which means if I delete the game, then my data will never be back when I download again

Best game ever

One of the best pokemon-style games out there. The story is amazing and better than any story by nintendo. Well done developers!!

Nexomon is #1

Omg I spent a good 3years looking into apps which ones are good which I’ll play but Nexomon is among one of my favorites definitely a game for others I love the robot always pointing out “it’s a game “ it’s clever and brings me back to when I got my first Gameboy and the first game I played was Pokémon Silver version. I’d like to thank all of the designers , artist , and people that brought this amazing game together I hope to see more games from u guys in the near future.


Some of them look like micromon with different color schemes and names. I know you guys are also the creators of micromon but kind of unoriginal. It’s kinda like pokemon now instead of micromon without the turns and the top and D.R. Also the wild pokemon don’t give stamina back. Great game but micromon was more... original.

This is what we wanted from Pokemon

15 or so hours of gameplay (so far) and loving every second of it. For the love of god PLEASE add expansions


This has been an awesome Game experience the characters are hilarious the atmosphere is amazing and the awesome challenges it has to offer. If your looking for a good game Pokémon related this is the best you can get. It’s challenging it’s charming it’s fun and overall has a great storyline with a LOT of plot twists. I hope this game doesn’t get copyright deleted because honestly there original mons so idk if it can. Overall Great Game, Great Artwork, great mons too.


It’s great


Super fun, great storyline, and amazing design

Awesome game, few flaws

I was turned off by this game because of the initial payment but I now realize it’s definitely worth the $0.99. Nexomon is definitely almost as good as Pokémon. The premise is almost the same, but I like the unique story in Nexomon. The characters are amazing and the graphics are amazing too. The best part: NO ADS! The only complaints I have are that there are a few glitches here and there (such as when you pick up an item you sometimes may get into a battle) but it’s easily the best Pokémon based game I’ve ever played. The in app purchases are a little annoying since the leveling process is slow without the experience share purchased. Lastly, the capturing feature is a little confusing. Usually in Pokémon you lower the monster’s health points and then through a poke ball. Unfortunately, it appears that lowering a nexomon’s health points don’t help in capturing. If this process could be changed that would be great, but otherwise this game is definitely 5 stars and worth the purchase.

Moga asked me to, I couldn’t say no!

This game has been a rollercoaster of suspense and emotion for me...and I loved every second of it! Fell in love with the character even the evil ones... Rip my heart! But in all honesty great game everything in it was swell and I loved that there where things in it that I wish the Pokémon games had but never got. Like the option to instantly add new Nexomon to your party or the fact that the date log tells you what level the Nexomon evolve at! Over all great game, eager to continue it now that I’ve finished the story 10/10 am recommending to my friends well worth the price in my opinion! Have a nice day and I hope you choose to make more games like this!

Fun and charming, but...

This game absolutely stole my heart. The graphics are simple and gorgeous, the characters are unique, and there’s always something to do! However, my issue is that half of those things to do is just grinding for levels. Yes, there are items in the shop that you can buy with a lot of gems to help boost how much EXP earned, it they cost SO many gems that a player has to use real money to get them! I understand that it’s for the sake of profit, but the game loses a lot of of its momentum when you move to the next area and you spend hours going back and forth between a patch of bushes and the nearest Nexomon center, just so you can make it through without worrying about all of your team getting wiped out. While I definitely come across as someone who hates grinding for levels, I don’t, it’s just one particular detail that makes it frustrating. You know how when entering a battle the enemy gets the first move if it’s faster? That’s typical of games like these, but the fact that it can move before you decide whether or not you want to fight them means you’ll take damage from an enemy you were planning on fleeing from, and it becomes incredibly aggravating when you’re at full health and are TKOed, and unless you’re filthy rich and have money to burn, you have to run all the way back to the Nexomon center so as to not waste precious revives. Basically, the game isn’t entertaining when the player is being forced to drag themselves back and forth dozens of times with each new area, or have to spend REAL money that isn’t worth spending. While I haven’t entered the PvP arena yet and I don’t know what or if there are rewards that come with winning, but maybe there can be a system implemented that lets the player earn small amounts of gems. One last little thing, but can we get an option on the main menu to look at our Game Center achievements? I got this game after the update that removed the Game Center app, but it’s still wired in every game, and it appears that Nexomon came with achievements, but I can’t access them unless there’s a button in the game to get to it. Everything besides those major (and minor) annoyances, the game is wonderful, and I hope y’all continue to update and amaze us! :)

Amazing game

5 stars

Surpassed my expectations

The fact these developers took the time to create a great game reminiscent to pokemon automatically caused me to download it. But i didnt know it would be THIS good! The story is well written and i love the content they provided in this game! Perfect length and great gameplay with graphics to match. When i became able to share exp with other nexomon I couldn’t put it down. 10/10 🙂👍🏽

Couldn’t put it down until I was finished

Loved this game!!! More than worth the mere 99cents!

One of the best games on the App Store

Just finished up my first play through and man was this game worth that 99 cents. Just buy it what’s a dollar to you. Believe me you won’t be disappointed especially if you’re a huge Pokémon fan!

Great... But beware

The graphics are good, The Nexomon are diverse, the story could use some work, and the capture rate ... if you like throwing 10 "pokeball" equivalents at a common Nexomon with 1 HP just for that catch, this is the game for you. Just be warned, mediocre Nexomon is all you will get without dumping more money into this game. I would say that in a year this game will be the next Micromon unfortunately.

A great game with some slight manageable issues

Overall a really solid game. Not a fan of the micro transactions but I understand why they’re there. Fortunately, as far as I can tell, you can play the whole game without paying for extra things. Their Facebook connections application is non-functioning currently. However, the game is a fun experience and is completely recommended.

Good job is a good Pokémon ripoff game

Awesome game people think ripoffs are bad but u proved them wrong


I have a level 50 spink and i haven't evlove

Amazing! but one major fault

this game is amazing, i forgot my 3ds at home while on a vacation and wanted to play a game like pokémon and this completely satisfied my need to play. however one major fault in this game gets kind of aggravating at times. i feel as though nexomon are too difficult to catch, ill get one down to about 3 HP and waste 6 traps just to not be able to catch it. and i feel as though it prevents the game from being a perfect 5 stars.

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